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“Painting is a site where multiple , hybrid, and contradictory languages can exist simultaneously, where visual perception is provisional and, in the best work, constantly morphing. To enjoy a painting is to visually participate in its making, to enjoin its struggles and resolutions. In the end, a satisfying painting, a finished work, is just the beginning.”

----Adam Weinberg, Whitney Museum of American Art


“The idea of the caryatid is of a figure or form that is holding up everything. It’s holding up the temple and it’s holding up the structural elements that are necessary for the temple to survive…the psychological, formal, and narrative content are all being held together by the idea.”---Graham Nickson , New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture


“The sculptures are the result of a collaborative process in which one medium interprets another and becomes a source for new ideas. To complete the circle, sculptural solutions inform the development of new paintings. The myth of Artemis/Diana leaps from sculptures of antiquity to drawing to painting and then returns to sculpture, in this case ceramics and iron.”

---Kevin R Brine, painter and sculptor


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