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Reviews continued...


“This was a truly collaborative project with very impressive results. In a review of a collection of essays it is customary to say that some are more successful than others, but since these essays cover different aspects of the Judith tradition in a thoroughly complementary way, they all contribute. [...] The essays brim with new examples, new insights, new comparisons. For those of us who have been scouring the literature for years looking for scholarship on the shifting interpretation of Judith, it is a quantum leap forward.”

---Lawrence M. Wills, Professor of Biblical Studies, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge MA. Journal of Biblical Literature, 13(2011):244


“These essays, by presenting translations of unpublished manuscripts, analyzing new archival sources, and exploring Judith’s representation in narrative, poetry, art, music and theatre, demonstrate how Judith serves as a template for marking changing views of politics, ethics, gender roles and theology from the Patristic period to the nineteenth century.”--- Amy-Jill Levine, Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues, 24 (2013): 146-48


“... [A] very successful and informative work.” ---Friedrich V. Reiterer, BN: Biblische Notizen, 158 (2013): 137-38


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