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“My new book, Finance in America: An Unfinished Story, written in collaboration with economic and cultural historian Mary Poovey, offers an authoritative history of the more than 100-year increase in the size, complexity and influence of money, banking and finance in the US and global economies.

Published by The University of Chicago Press, Finance in America provides Wall Street financiers insights into the historical roots of their practices, which include, among other things, a surprising affiliation with agricultural economics and a less surprising affinity with uncertainty, stochastic processes and gambling. Finance in America will help investors appreciate the modern foundations of the global money and capital markets and  offers historians of science,technology and culture insights into the social processes by which statistics shed the controversial nature of all big data. It shows how the creation of national income accounts facilitated an international consensus around what seemed like objective depictions of national economies, and how uncertainty was transformed into calculable risk.”


Kevin R. Brine is an author, artist and private investor.  Kevin lives and works in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, the painter, Jessica Smith and their three school- age boys. Kevin’s two elder daughters, a lawyer and an educator, live on the East Coast. Kevin’s full CV is available to download here. 



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